Top 10 Toronto Real Estate Agents Dominating Facebook Video

top 10 real estate agents on facebook

When it comes to marketing yourself on Facebook, there’s a difference between using Facebook and using it really well.

Using Facebook’s video capabilities has been the secret sauce for agents who have seen their businesses skyrocket with increased views and engagements from Facebook.

Why video?  With 1 Billion daily views of Facebook video content, people are 12 times more likely to share a video than they are to share text, links, or photos. Videos also have 875% higher organic reach compared to text posts, and 250% higher compared to image posts.  Those are some big numbers folks!

So who are the top Toronto Real Estate agents who are dominating Facebook with video?  We’ve combed through hundreds of profiles and here are our top 10:

#10 Paul Cheema
Paul Cheema

Paul has an incredible personality and does an amazing job with Facebook Live to engage his fans and keep everyone posted on his personal and professional life.  Paul has an incredible spirit for sharing and giving and his use of video helps  his amazing personality shine though every single time. [Paul’s Facebook page]

#9 Donny Mangos 

Donny Mangos

This top Keller Williams agent drives incredible levels of engagement by using videos to document a ‘behind-the-scenes’ view of a busy agent.   From short clips on the tension of waiting for an offer to be accepted, to a full-blown income property renovation that can be compares to an HGTV show, Donny has his Facebook strategy down packed.  [Donny’s Facebook Page]

#8 Ravi Singh

Ravi Singh remax


This Toronto condo king delivers a consistent dose of awesome with his Facebook videos.

As the team leader of the Connexus Group,  Ravi’s video market updates are honest, clear, and authentic.   Always a crowd favourite!

[Ravi’s Facebook page]

#7 Matt Santagapita

Matt SantagapitaMatt leads the Santa Sells Houses team and has become a household name in the London Market.

Matt and his team have mastered using video to engage with the community and can be often seen interviewing local businesses and covering community  events.

Rain or shine,  Matthew and his team are consistent and their videos are driving insane engagement with views commonly in the thousands.  [Matt’s Facebook page]

#6 Barry Lebow

Barry Lebow

Barry is a real estate legend in Canada and with nearly 50 years of experience in the industry,  Lebow is a mentor and inspiration to many in the real estate community.   Barry’s Facebook page is  like a force of nature, sharing both his personal and professional views and masterfully using video to connect the dots between the past and present.  [Barry’s Facebook page]

 #5 Katharine Loucaidou

Katharine LoucaidouKatharine is relatively new to real estate,  but her social media savvy has rocketed her career to becoming top producer within a few short months.  Katharine’s videos, whether she’s interviewing local business owners, sharing market updates or cooking in her kitchen, are powerful and always well done and attract a ton of engagement.   Katharine has also been an incredible mentor and coach to many agents, openly sharing what’s made her successful with others.   [Katharine’s Facebook page]

 #4 Phil Battista

Phil Battista remax

Being a real estate agent doesn’t mean all your videos just need to show homes.

Phil Battista’s passion is cooking mouth-watering meals and his videos, called ‘Cooking with your agent’ will have you salivating.   Phil has done an incredible job engaging his community and fan base with views in the thousands for almost every video he posts.  [Phil’s Facebook page]

#3 Jean Beauchesne

Jean BeauchesneImagine recording a 30-second clip at one of your listings and getting 1,300 organic views in a matter of hours.  Jean and his super friendly personality shine through impromptu videos he records and shares.   He’s got an incredible sense of humour and his videos keep you coming back for more.  [Jean’s Facebook page]

#2 Andrew Perrie

This Royal LePage agent’s videos will have you laughing hysterically. Andrew has some of the most creative videos out there.  Whether practicing his golf swing in the back yard of a new listing, or sharing market updates, Andrew is a natural in front of the camera and his results show it [Andrew’s Facebook page]

Andrew Perrie

#1 Amy Youngren

Amy youngren

Amy is THE rockstar of Facebook video and was recently nominated by Inman News for most innovative agent of the year.   As the founder and team leader of the Urban LifeStyle Group,  Amy sets a whole new bar for real estate marketing.   Every video she makes is unique and incorporates different elements to weave together an engaging story about the property,  it’s history and the neighbourhood.   Congrats Amy! [Amy’s Facebook Page]