Five Reasons To Not Give Clients a Moving Checklist

When was the last time your clients got excited when you handed them your moving checklist after they signed the deal?

Almost every moving company, real estate agent and property manager has their own version of a checklist that is handed to clients in hopes that it helps them remember what needs to be done for their upcoming move.

Although you’re trying to be helpful, handing out a checklist may actually be hurting your relationship with your clients.   How so?

#5 Moving Checklists Lack Context

It’s great that your moving checklist tells your client to transfer their utilities, but what’s next? Your client scrambles for hours to figure out how to get the task done because the checklist didn’t tell them how to do it.   Tasks needs more detail (like who to call, when to call them, what to ask) and that’s where most checklists fall short.

#4 You’re Missing a HUGE Opportunity for Referrals

The time after a deal is signed till closing is when your clients need you most.  That also happens to be the time when they talk about their experience with you the most.   When you hand over a checklist, you’re effectively indicating they your job is now done and the rest is up to them.   Not only does it leave a bad impression, but you quite possibly just closed the door on the opportunity to stay engaged and generate plenty of referrals.

#3 Checklists are So Generic

The checklist says to not forget to feed the cat on moving day.   What if your client doesn’t have a cat?  Checklists were never designed to take into account that every move is different.  You have first-time buyers, move-up buyers, new to the country, downsizing clients.   A checklist that’s generic does more harm than good.

#2 Checklists are Overwhelming

Did you ever have someone hand you a list of 100+ items that you have to complete?  How did that make you feel?  For most busy people, looking at a moving checklist makes them feel so overwhelmed that the next thing they think about is how much they regret going through buying or selling a home in the first place.

#1  Handing over a Checklist Makes You Look Bad

The time when your client is getting ready to move is stressful and frustrating.   Handing out a checklist can leave them with an impression that you just collected your commission and the next time they might see you is in 5 years.   Lasting impressions often count for more than a first impression.  Always put yourself in your clients’ shoes – is this how you would expect to be treated by a professional?

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