Introducing our Preferred Movers Program

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Ever tried Researching, pricing and hiring a reliable moving company?   It’s painful!

Between sifting through hundreds of reviews, contacting companies and arranging for estimates, only to find the company you were set on wasn’t available for your moving day, hiring a mover has long been one of the most time-consuming and overwhelming tasks.   It’s no uncommon to spend up to 20 hours doing research, getting pricing, and making a decision.

We created the MoveSnap Preferred Movers Program as part of our mission to make moving simple.

With just a couple of clicks, you can have up to 4 competitive estimates from the most reputable moving companies in your area, for FREE.    Once you receive your estimates, simply review the companies (you can check out their reviews right from estimate)  and pick the one you’d like to hire.  It’s that simple!

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How do you know you’re getting a great company?  We’ve spent over two months vetting 118 local companies for their reputation, reviews, insurance and standings with local industry associations.  We interviewed owners, former customers and industry professionals to qualify only 8% of companies of companies that have applied.

Ready to get moving without the hassle of calling dozens of companies and having strangers come to your house for estimates?  Click here to get started.


MoveSnap is a personal moving concierge, guiding anyone who is in the process of relocating step-by-step through everything that needs to be done for their move. From transferring home services like hydro, gas, cable and internet, to notifying business of address changes, MoveSnap is the hub to get everything that is moving-related done quickly and efficiently.


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