RE/MAX Ultimate Simplifies the Moving Experience for Agents and Clients

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If you’ve ever moved, you know how much of a pain it can be to get dozens of tasks done in a short period of time.  Even things that seem straight forward, like changing your address or moving your utilities can take hours.  Forgetting to do just a couple of things can mean your credit card statements can wind up in a stranger’s mailbox or the lights won’t turn on the day you arrive in your new home.  A new startup is aiming to help avoid all these headaches by helping manage the entire moving process in a single app.

MoveSnap acts like a personal moving concierge, guiding you step-by-step through everything that needs to be done.  From transferring all your home services like hydro, gas, cable and internet, to getting a new driver’s license, to connecting you with local charities that will happily pick up stuff you might not want to move to your new home.  For each task, the app tells you how to best get things done quickly and save time.

The service also makes life easier for real estate agents by helping them address the often neglected post-deal experience.  It replaces any checklists or curated moving packages that agents might be sharing with clients today and takes the post-sale client experience to a whole new level, while allowing the agent and their brand to stay virtually engaged with the client well after the deal is signed.

Toronto-based RE/MAX Ultimate has recently partnered with MoveSnap to help their clients avoid moving-related headaches and deliver an exceptional client experience.  Tim Syrianos, the Broker of Record and Owner of RE/MAX Ultimate saw an opportunity to add value for his agents by helping them efficiently address the post-deal experience that is essential to building long-term relationships with clients.

Syrianos also sees automating the moving process with MoveSnap as a way to increase the productivity of his agents and reduce the time they spend researching and answering moving-related questions.   “Our business partners are our REALTORS®. Embracing the best technology to assist them best represent their clients, be more efficient and productive is always our focus. This is an investment in our agent’s success” said Syrianos.

Reuven Gorsht, who co-founded MoveSnap after having a nightmarish moving experience himself, says “Buying a home is really exciting, but once reality sets in that you’ll have to move in a few weeks, that joy quickly turns into stress and frustration”.  “Moving is the worst part of the real estate transaction, and is the last impression the client has.”, he adds.   For agents who add MoveSnap to their arsenal of tools, the outcomes can mean happier clients, who in turn, are happy to recommend the agent to their friends and family.

RE/MAX Ultimate will roll out MoveSnap across the entire brokerage and their clients will soon enjoy a fully personalized experience that is provided to them as part of working with their RE/MAX Ultimate agent.

In an industry where most agents are hired based on repeat and referral clients, the entire experience, from the moment the client decides to look for an agent, to when they fully settle into their new home, will increasingly matter.   While there will always be the issue of time and priorities, perhaps technology has found a way to help agents deliver a great experience while remaining fully productive.

About RE/MAX Ultimate

RE/MAX Ultimate is a full service, full representation Brokerage committed to excellence and dedicated to having the best agents in the industry and creating exceptional real estate experiences for agents and their clients. With over 260 REALTORS® they are the largest RE/MAX Brokerage in Central Toronto

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