Make moving a family affair and share your moving tasks

moving tasks

Tackling all your moving tasks is can get very overwhelming and stressful, especially when you’re going at them on your own.

Most of us enlist the help of friends and family when it comes to physical moving activities, such as packing or moving furniture, but wouldn’t it be nice to share some of your other to-dos, like changing your address or getting your cable TV moved, with family and friends who can help take on some of the load?   With MoveSnap, you can now easily share your moving tasks.

Introducing MoveSnap’s My Moving Helpers.

You can share your entire moving plan and activities with anyone who is helping with your move.  MoveSnap makes it so simple to share the load, while still keeping everything related to your move organized in one place.   When you share your move, you’ll always know what’s been done and when.

When a moving task gets completed by either you or any of your moving helpers, it automatically updates your MoveSnap dashboard so that you’re always on top of things.


How can I add a Moving Helper?

When you first sign up for MoveSnap, you’ll be asked if anyone is helping you with your moving tasks.   To add a Moving Helper, simply type their email in the box and MoveSnap will send them an invite so they can share your move.   Your moving helper should be someone you trust to help you, as they will have access to your move details and information.

moving heler

In case you have already registered for MoveSnap and chose not to add any helpers, no worries, you can always do it later.  From your MoveSnap dashboard, click Profile.   On the bottom of the profile screen, you can add, delete or edit any move helpers as you wish.

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Happy Move Sharing!

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