How to update all your magazine subscriptions in seconds

The internet has made a big dent in traditional print media as most people’s primary news source, but many people still prefer flipping through a physical magazine and faithfully maintain their subscriptions.

When moving, updating all your magazine and newspaper subscriptions is a huge hassle and a lot of time is wasted trying to look up the contact information for every publication you might subscribe to.

We are happy to announce that MoveSnap supports notifying 1600+ publications when you move.   By building up your list of subscriptions, MoveSnap will automatically find the links that will allow you to update your new address with the publisher, ensuring that you’ll continue to receive your favorite mags and newspapers in your new home.

You can access this feature by clicking Change Your Address, followed by Other Places from your MoveSnap dashboard.  Simply search your favorite publication in the “Your Magazine Subscriptions” box and add them to your notifications list.

change address magazines


Happy Reading!

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